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Sharing the member ai ♥

NEWS translations

NEWS translations
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NEWS translations
hellomichi is a the translation community of amakoi to share all the member-ai-full and cute NEWS interviews that really need to be shared with everyone ♥ :D

1. Join the community to be able to read the translations (Translations will be left unlocked for a few days after they're first posted and then will be made members only)
2. If you want to repost bits and pieces of the translations then I don’t mind at all so go ahead lol. If you want to repost the whole translation I don’t mind either but crediting me would be appreciated :D
3. Re-translating into other languages is fine, i'd just like it if you let me know first :D
4. In regards to requests, read this post
5. Comments on translations aren’t necessary at all, but would be nice ♥
6. And my translation aren't ever going to be tranlsated 100% correctly, but i try to make them as close to perfect as i can!

Yeah, there are so not many rules at all XD; Just enjoy reading the translations :D

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