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11 March 2012 @ 01:56 pm
NEWS Potato 4.12  

NEWS crosstalk in Potato this time :D They talk about things that make them want to hug them, about their recent dinner outing where Tegoshi didn't feel like he was properly treated and Massu blames Koyama for his cold? XD Some talk about Shige's book as well, and Massu makes it seem as if he hasn't even opened the book, oh Massu~ XD

Potato 4.12

(*Note- The theme in "Gyu (ギュッ)" which literally means 'tightly' but is kind of used like to 'hug' or 'hold tightly')

At dinner with just the 4 of them there were many 'Gyu' experiences!?
Koyama: Seems like the theme this time is "Gyu". What comes to mind?
Shige: (Ashida) Mana-chan! (laugh) She sings Gyu ♪* right.
Massu: My first instinct, was to imagine a cow (Gyuu)
Koyama: Those are very different (laugh) How about Tegoshi?
Tegoshi: Probably the Gyu from "Hold on to me and be by my side okay"
Koyama, Massu & Shige: As expected from Tegoshi!
Koyama: As expected, Tegoshi is an idol
Massu: We need to learn from him too. Right, Shige? (laugh)
Shige: That's right (laugh)
Tegoshi: What's with this (laugh)
Koyama: Okay then, what's the thing that unconsciously makes you want to hug it? For me it's our cat Nyanta. He's cute
Massu: Grilled beef tongue with salt (Gyuutan shio). That's a cow though (laugh)
Shige: For me it's a hugging pillow
Massu: Shige, you use things like hugging pillows?
Shige: It's a fluffy, dot patterned one, it's unexpectedly cute.
Koyama: You do that with a book?
Shige: One that's fluffy! If it was a book, I'd be poked by the corners when I hugged it!!
Koyama: (While getting excited) So, Tegoshi-san, the thing that makes you want to hug it is?
Tegoshi: If I could, I'd probably want to hug each and every person who comes to our concerts
All 4: Yay~ (High five)
Koyama: As expected. You're such an idol~
Massu: Shige, we have to learn from that too
Shige: That's right. By the way, isn't this line getting pretty bad? (laugh)
Koyama: Next is, the situation that makes you want to hug someone is? That's kind of like your heart jumping ♥ ('Kyun'). Kyun and Gyu are kind of different huh?
Shige: When your heart jumps, there are situations where it makes you want to hug someone so "Kyun" and "Gyu" are probably connected. For example, if you're meeting someone in winter, and I say "Sorry for making you wait" and she says "I didn't have to wait at all" and the girls nose and cheeks are all red, it would make your heart jump and then after that make you want to hug her.
Koyama: Going along with Shige's pattern then, if she puts her hands into my pockets, it would go from my heart jumping to wanting to hug her right
Shige: In Massu's case, if a cow was put in your pocket? (laugh)
Massu: If I walked into my room and it said "moo", then it's a cow (laugh)
Koyama: That was pretty good, but I wonder if this nuance is getting across well (laugh) Okay now, Okay now, sorry for making you wait. Tegoshi-san
Tegoshi: For me, when talking to the person you like, and you say "Try saying that you like me?". And after she says "I like you ♥" she's all "Stop it~", that moment where she's all "pero" looking all embarrassed
Shige: What is that, I don't understand of that "pero" you used at the end there though (laugh)
Massu: It's like "Tehepero**"
Koyama: When she's getting embarrassed right
Shige: Hmmm~ (laugh) During concerts we have those 'gyu' moments with each other as well probably
Massu: Shige has skinship while on stage at concerts. Like when we walk past each other on stage, you have this look on your face like "why won't he do it?"
Shige: It shows on my face? How embarrassing. I don't have that look on my face do I
Koyama: If it was from me, even though Massu's the one saying that right now, he's the one who most holds his arms out and puts them around me.
Tegoshi: This is a bit different from the hug type of 'gyu' but before we go out for a concert, we always come together and make a circle before going out.
Koyama: I feel like that's all of us coming together with the feelings of 'Let's do our best'.
Massu: Yeah, all of us holding hands and coming together before a concert is important
Koyama: Doesn't it feel like we're all one when we hod hands at the end of the concert and say "This was NEWS"?
Massu: It's like momentarily the whole arena, including us, are all holding on to each other tightly, and a sense of unity is born
Tegoshi: As expected, concerts are the place where we can all be close together with everyone then
Massu: So, then the place where the 4 of us can be close together is when we go out to dinner.
Koyama: We went last week too
Massu: We were all sitting around the irori fireplace*** and came together.
Shige: Of course, it was Koyama-san's treat
Koyama: When the 4 of us get together, it somehow just happened that it's always my treat. Well, I am the one who sends out the emails from a mailing list to invite you to eat I guess
Tegoshi: I think that I haven't been treated yet though. It should be carried forward onto the next time and added onto there shouldn't it?
Massu: What's with that? What do you mean?
Shige: For Tegoshi, he has that sort of realisation (laugh) At first it was me and Koyama eating and then afterwards the other 2 came. Massu came right away but Tegoshi could only stay for 30 minutes. He said "I'm not being properly treated"
Tegoshi: Yeah. In the end I was only treated to a drink so I was thinking that the amount for the food could just be added onto next time. Just something to be aware of for now.
Koyama: For me, even if it was just a drink it was still you being treated to something
Massu: If it's like that, I have something I want to say to Koyama too. It was really cold on that day wasn't it? Despite that, it was a pretty long way from the meeting place you appointed to the restaurant. I ended up catching a cold you know
Koyama: It is true that we came in saying "It's cold!". I didn't think Massu would know of that restaurant so I thought I was making it easier
Massu: Next time prepare a car to come pick us up at home too.
Shige Transportation included?
Tegoshi: That's a good idea
Massu: Or Koyama could just come and pick us up at home~
Koyama: If I do that then I won't be able to drink. But we got to talk about things from now on, and we had some really passionate conversations and it was fun so lets go again.
Shige: Let's have sushi next time
Massu: Thinking "I've never eaten this sushi before" would be good
Koyama: Did you know that now you can call a sushi place to come to your house?
Shige: You call them over!? Who's place would we do it at?
Massu: Of course, that would be Shige's place!!
Shige: As expected
Koyama: Okay, so next time is sushi
Massu: Sushi is also something that makes you want to hold onto it tightly (laugh)

Their response to the messages Shige had in his book were?
Koyama: I read "Pink & Gray" that Shige wrote 3 times. You had an event for it too right
Shige: Yeah. I'm also watching your drama "Lucky Seven"
Tegoshi: I haven't read Shige's book yet but I'm definitely going to. I've read about the first 30 pages and I thought "This would get you really into it". I thought it would be bad to read it at the same time as the book I'm reading now Koyama: Shige's book is easy to read
Massu: Are the characters on a page really big?
Koyama: I mean that because it's a book written by someone you know, you get really into it. What am I doing trying to desperately introduce Shige's book (laugh)
Massu: But reading the book, my image of Shige might end up changing
Shige: It' fine if it changes. What are you even thinking about me then
Massu: (laugh) Shige gave us his book with his signature along with a message but he wrote on Tegoshi's "Definitely read it" and on mine he wrote "If you can read it, try and read it ok". In my case, because I'm not used to reading books, I wonder if you were trying to be polite
Koyama: The ones for you 2 are pretty good. Because mine was just "Read it!" (laugh) But if it really does get adapted into a film it would be pretty interesting
Shige: If that actually happened it would be interesting.

- - - - - - - - - -

*I'm assuming it's because of her song "Sutekina Nichiyobi ~ Gyu Gyu Good Day!~ "
** Tehepero is just someone being embarrassed (Like they were mentioning while on kchan news together too)
*** Irori Fireplace

I apologise for any awkward sounding wording, it was kinda hard to word the word 'Gyu' in english properly all the time so that it would still make sense in context? Since it doesn't always actually mean to literally "hug" something, so yeah~ I hope it all still made sense, but I'm sorry if things didn't! XD

NEWS crosstalks are always really nice to read, always so cute :D 
nueruleznuerulez on March 11th, 2012 12:32 pm (UTC)
I wish they would have concert soon!

thanks for translating! :)