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Seventeen 1/10 NEWS no NEWS "Soukon"

This is one the things that w_tsubasa asked to be translated :D

Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi and Massu talk about their feelings about the show a bit. Tegoshi thinks everyone would be wondering why he's so serious about winning, Shige's going to try his best for himself and the environment. There's a cross talk as well, where they talk about soukon ep 1 and having to run those 8km. Koyama wants to try running with Tegoshi next time and Massu complains about Tegoshi running ahead of him and forgetting about him XDD There's also recaps of eps 2 and 3. 

NEWS no NEWS vol. 46

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During the relay I truthfully thought I was dissapointing (laugh) I couldn't take the baton properly. . .But from now on I'm going to try my best to run. Depending on how much we run a certain number of trees are planted so I'm going to be trying my best for the environment too! If I'm able to see this I'll probably feel energized!
- - - - -

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I want people to watch us and think of us as "The people who run late at night". Since I was in my 3rd year of elementary school I had never run long distances before and so i thought that it would be impossible for me to run those 8km but I unexpectedly enjoyed running it. But the next day my muslces were in pain to the max (laugh) But I won't lose to it!!
- - - - -

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You're probably thinking "why does take this so seriously?" but I think that trying your best with anything you do, even the small things, is important. Either way, I want you to enjoy watching us 4, who are trying our best and can sort of be idiots at times.

- - - - -

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It's really tough. Because we're doing nothing but running. The day right after the 8km marathon was the 100m running. . . it's really hard. I'm not satisfied with my time for this time. It's frustrating. I want to challange it one more time.But running really feels good. Everyone, try running as well ok!

- - - - - - - - - -

-It seems like there are many times where not even these 4 know what they'll be doing until they get there. . .(laugh) They started their first time with a surprise. Koyashige started from Ikejirioohashi and Tegomasu from Asakusa, and they were to run to the nihon TV and go into a press conference just like that! What were your feelings at that time?

 Koyama: It was sort of like "Are you serious!? a press conference like this?". I was really surprised.
Shige: We were told "Anyways, just run" and then there suddenly was a press conference.
Massu: It was sort of like we didn't have any choice but to try our best and run and it was a little tough.

Do all of you like running?
Tegoshi: Yes, I usually run. I Love running!
Shige: Thats because Tegoshi plays Futsal, he can run fast.
Koyama: We ran from Ikejirioohashi to Shiodome but it's been ages since I last ran that long a distance. It was like 8km!?
Massu: When I started running it, I started to feel a bit uneasy from then on. We were running in the middle of the city so the surrounding changing was fun but it's because I couldn't see ahead. Because in elemntary school the longest i ran was a 3km marathon.
Shige: It was pretty far. We had to run through Shibuya and places like thatand it felt like everyone there was rushing. It seemed like everyone just bumped into us without even trying to avoid us.
Tegoshi: We started running from Asakusa but we went to Yushimatenjin and we prayed for the success of the show. Then we also ran around the imperial palace and it was really pretty and it felt good. It's good isn't it, running.
Shige: We ran around under Tokyo tower and over there there are a lot of traffic lights so we had to wait at the lights for a long time.
Koyama: This time Shige and me were a team but next time i think i might want to try running with Tegoshi. He doesn't like to lose with anything he does so it'll probably make us win so i want to see us run in a serious way i guess~ (laugh)
Massu: Thats right, Tegoshi ran really far ahead of me~.I was left far behind!He had forgotten about me (laugh)
Tegoshi: eh, Is that so? (laugh) Well, i think i'll try my best to run while keeping in mind that it's a TV show!
Shige: I want Tegoshi to seriously run so that he can go to the Honolulu marathon or something (laugh)
Tegsohi: You want to go that far!? If it's ok to go overseas, I'd want to go though (laugh)

The relay also seemed like it was tough
Tegoshi: Even the record for elementary school students was pretty tough. We lost. . .
Shige: Sorry for saying this but us being slower than elementary school girls is really uncool (laugh)
Massu: But we like to run. So we need to try our best.
Koyama: Whatever match they give us is fine, I want to become the best in Japan.

- - - - -

The first event
100m running and relay

Results of the 100m running
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The day before they had all done long distance running so their muscles were all hurting so it was a close game.Tegoshi even had his leg cramp up. No. 1 was Massu!

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Koyama-kun said "The staff didn't think i'd make it this far right?" In the 100m running he got 2nd place with a time of 14.22 seconds. It has sort of the feeling of the worlds fastest man, Bolt!? Actually, we've been told that for this show they would actually go to the gym and train. As expected!
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If they don't want to lose to the elementary school girls record, Tegoshi explains to Shige how to recieve the baton. The real thing was done in the order of Koyama -> Masuda -> Tegoshi -> Shige. Up until Tegoshi they were at a good pace but Shige started too early and didn't get the baton passed to him!Massu saw that happened and then collapsed onto the floor (laugh)
- - - - - - - - - -

The king of hating to lose
Tegoshi-kun's day

The first thing they did in the morning was check their 100m running times. But, Tegoshi ran too fast with all his strength and his leg cramped.
"Don't push yourself too much", kind Koyama carries Tegoshi on his back and went to rest his body and get a massage.

-- >

The very kind Koyama-kun even helped Tegoshi out with his stretches. Nice team work!
Tegoshi keeps sticking to it telling the staff who say "The relay is next. . . ", "I'm really fine now, please let me do it". He seemed frustrated with a result that he didn't agree with. He's a passionate guy.

-- >

After stretching, Tegoshi made a come back right away. Maybe because he was doing some light jogging and moving his body by playing some futsal. He was well enough to even practise dribbling the ball during the filming breaks. And then, in the realy, he dashed with all his might.But they didn't beat the record. "Lets do it again!" wanting to take revenge on it.

- - - - -

The second event
Walking race challange

The 4 of them who continued to run sarted to exhaust their strength. This is when the staff came up with if you "Tie a rubber band around your big toe" and "run while chewing gum" your time will go up. . .the information of which came into their hands somehow. "Will there realy be results from it?"it turned out that we'd try and see.

- - - - -

The 2nd challange on this day was to compare their speed with a fast walker. While they run 4 circuits of a 400m track, if the fast walker passes them they lose. The speed of the fast walker is faster than that of a normal person so the members were given a 100m advantage. At first they were running at a slower pace but the sound of the foot steps of the walker started to catch up on Massu and Shige. "He's really fast" "This is bad". And then, after running 2 times around they were passed by him. And Koyama was out 10 seconds later. The rubber band and the gum had no effect!? The only one left was Tegoshi. The members cheered him on with "Good luck!".And then, Tegoshi made it to the goal without getting passed by. A big round of applause.
- - - - - - - - - -

This actually took me ages because my computer is being stupid and won't turn on D: So i'm on the laptop, which doesn't even have word document or anything in it XDD So yes, sorry for any mistakes!

And I so can't imagine running 8km XDD; The furthest i've ever run was 3km and i walked half of it i think XDD;

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